On Buro 24/7: Kate Low, founder of lingerie label Perk By Kate, on designing for the Asian body


Does your bra fit? Are the cups too big? Is the band too tight? Are the straps digging into your shoulders? Those irks serve as a constant reminder that the trending slogan #freethenipple means more than just its namesake campaign for gender equality, but is also a synonym for unhooking your bra at day's end for that long-awaited bliss.

Because we're not in the habit of talking about these struggles (aside from the odd Buzzfeed post), we go through life bound in the wrong sizes more than we care to admit. As a child, a larger pair of shoes we can "grow into". As adults? Perhaps going up a waist size to accommodate the bloat that comes with menstruation. As the menswear savants will tell you, it's sartorial blasphemy. The fashion addicts will chalk it up to the Vetements effect (we're guilty). But ill-fitted bras? It's an overdue conversation — one Kate Low advocates, which led to the birth of Perk By Kate.

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