For the First Trimester

You are excited. You may be feeling anxious. You may be hit by morning sickness. At the same time, your body is changing and you may not know how to handle it. Your boobs are swollen and you feel like nothing fits.

At this stage, we recommend getting a bra extender first. Just to help you breathe better, soothe that underbust tightness and ease your morning sickness. It's too early to jump into a new set of lingerie, as your body will definitely change more later on.

For the Second to Third Trimester

Your body is rapidly evolving, and every body is different! Between 20-36 weeks, you might find yourself still fitting your old bras just as well, or you might find them becoming tight and uncomfortable. Remember, feeling comfortable is essential in your pregnancy journey, so drop us a note if you feel like you need to check in!

At 36 weeks, your bra size should be quite accurate and telling of the size you need for your post-partum nursing needs as well. If you haven't planned for maternity lingerie, it is the right time to do so.

Our Recommendations

Most loved ~ Most loved ~
Mia Convertible Soft Bra

$59.00 SGD

Our best-selling soft bra can truly see you through your seasons. Made of a sustainable milk silk and cotton blend, it keeps you cool and comfortable at all times. Plus it's durable and machine-washable. You'll reach for this day in and out just because it is so easy!

$69.00 SGD

Its flexible band and fuller cup coverage ensures that you can size up 1-2 sizes comfortably!

Feeling good does alot for you and your baby.

For Post-Partum and Beyond

Congratulations! We are so happy for you! Remember, you are the best mama for your little one. Rely on the Endearing Bralette and the Do-it-all Bralette for your daily nursing needs. (Plus they fit a hands-free pump too!)

A personal favourite of Kate's (yes she has 2!) is the Endearing Camisole. It's so easy for night feeds. Whatever makes our nights easier and gets us more snooze, wins.

Love Notes from the Mamas

Purchasing your products is such a joy for me. Thank you for putting in the effort to make nursing bras so elegant, without compromising on comfort! I felt like a million bucks wear them for my maternity shoot, and would love to share some of my favourite photos with you and the team. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Carin Lee

Loyal Customer

I’ve always been a fan of PBK and when I got pregnant and my boobs swelled I turned to the Mia maternity for support and coverage, which lasted me through my year long breastfeeding journey and beyond. Now I’m still wearing my Mia maternity bralette!!

Mavis Tan

Happy customer

I came to know of PBK when I had my #2 and tried my first nursing bra from PBK and have never looked back since! The lingerie from PBK is so comfortable, and helped to lift my spirits and self confidence even when I was not back in shape postpartum and when expecting #3. Enjoy my every moment of being a mum and wishing everyday that time will pass slower! ❤️


Loved the bras that supported my body changes through pregnancy, and now post partum, my husband bought nursing bras and they are the most comfortable ones!!!

Joie Chua

I’ve been using perk by Kate bras and bralettes since my first born in 2020. They’ve served me so well. I continued with the Mias for my daily wear and love them. I just delivered my second child and found my maternity bras from before. They still work like magic. Love that perk by Kate has been through it all in my motherhood and womanhood journey.


When I got pregnant, the first things I bought were maternity bras from Perk by Kate! I have the five maternity bras that are in serious rotation. Love you guys!


Nursing bras from PBK has been such a lifesaver with breastfeeding, and made me feel like I could still be a sexy mama even though my body has changed so much with pregnancy.


When I was pregnant with a growing bust and a changing body, I knew I had to refresh my bralettes and visited the trustworthy PBK for maternity options. I managed to snag what I needed for pre and postnatal with great advice by the PBK staffs. After giving birth and breastfeeding, I visited again to update my bralettes based on my current body and couldn’t be more satisfied and grateful to have PBK with me prior and during my motherhood jounney. ♥️

Chantal Khor

#BoobActually Feature: Perk by Kate x Tommee Tippee

#BoobActually with Jia Min: A Perk by Kate x Tommee Tippee Feature

#BoobActually with Chanel: A Perk by Kate x Tommee Tippee Feature

#BoobActually with Linda: A Perk by Kate x Tommee Tippee Feature

#BoobActually with Cleris: A Perk by Kate x Tommee Tippee Feature