Our Process of Creation

At Perk by Kate, we pride ourselves on being more than just an intimate label – we are creators of personalized luxury for the modern woman.

Our creative process is a testament to our passion for delivering innovative solutions and designs, and our unwavering commitment to delivering intimate luxury to our cherished customers.

Inspiration Unveiled

Our journey begins with inspiration – a delicate muse that fuels our imagination. We draw inspiration from diverse sources, ranging from art, nature, architecture, and the captivating essence of femininity. This inspiration lays the foundation for our designs and collections.

Collaborative Creation

Central to our creation process is you – our dear customer. We believe that true groundbreaking work results from collaboration, and that's why we listen intently to your desires and preferences. Through personalized consultations, we understand your tastes and aspirations, ensuring that each lingerie piece resonates harmoniously with your individual style.

Refining the Details

Kate, our dedicated founder and designer, invests her personal touch in every step. She engages in four rounds of sampling – from style and material selection to size fittings and pre-production – ensuring that the final creation is a statement of quality and luxury.

To achieve the ideal combination of effortless luxury and practicality, we put our materials, lace, and hardware through rigorous wash & wear tests. This meticulous approach guarantees the perfect balance that sets our creations apart.

And.. we protect the Earth while doing so