sustainability and do good

Nurturing Nature the Way She Nurtures Us

At Perk by Kate, we believe in the powerful connection between women and nature. We recognize that nature not only inspires us but also provides us with the space to heal, empower, and reconnect with our sensuality. This deep understanding of the relationship between women and nature drives our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

Ethical Production

The delicate pieces of lingerie we create are skillfully handcrafted by experienced seamstresses at our workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Dalian, China. Before partnering with any workshop, we personally visit and ensure that comfortable working conditions are maintained. Our seamstresses in Vietnam work in a modern, air-conditioned office, while our Chinese workshop adheres to stringent quality control standards set by their Japanese clientele.

Good Supplier Relationships

We have established strong relationships with our lace and hardware suppliers, who share our commitment to sustainability. These partners understand our vision we are grateful to have found reliable suppliers who align with our values.

Lingerie & Materials

While it's not possible for lingerie to be made entirely from natural materials due to the inclusion of necessary components like hardware and straps, we take a two-fold approach to sustainability. Our lingerie produced in Ho Chi Minh City may not always be fully traceable, but we prioritize supporting the livelihoods of over 20 people involved in our business. On the other hand, our lingerie crafted in Dalian, China, uses OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials, including natural fibers whenever possible.

Refurbishments & Fit Corrections

We believe in extending the lifespan of our lingerie. To achieve this, we offer minor refurbishing services for worn-out pieces and assist with fit corrections such as band adjustments or strap changes. We understand that bodies change, and we are committed to helping our customers find the right fit and prolong the life of their lingerie. We have mended over 1500 pieces of lingerie to date, promoting sustainability through longevity.

Reusable Packaging

Our packaging reflects our commitment to sustainability. Orders are packed in reusable satin bags, perfect for travel or storage.

Tote Bag

Our Signature Tote Bags given out in store will soon become your lunch buddy, gym companion, yoga pal and even handy travel mate. Ladies love them, toddlers love them even more.

Gift Boxes

Our paper and gift box packaging are made from recycled paper, and will only be given when requested.

Dedicated to Inclusivity

Perk by Kate is dedicated to inclusivity, offering lingerie that caters to women of all body shapes. We currently provide sizes ranging from 30A to 40C. However, our work is never done. It's our mission to ensure no one leaves Perk by Kate thinking there is nothing for her.

Community First

At Perk by Kate, we proudly stand with our customers as they fight for causes close to their hearts. We recognize that our platform can be a powerful tool to amplify their voices and bring attention to the important issues they champion. Whether it's promoting body positivity, supporting women's rights, advocating for environmental sustainability, or championing social justice, we are here to support and uplift their voices.

Community First

In our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, we actively involve our customers in our campaign shoots, giving them the opportunity to share their stories. By featuring our diverse community, we aim to inspire and empower women, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of each individual.

Community First

By featuring real bodies in our campaigns and on our platforms, we aim to inspire confidence, encourage self-acceptance, and foster a culture of body positivity. We want our customers to see themselves reflected in our brand and feel empowered by the diverse range of individuals we showcase.