Donate Your Bras


Over here, we believe that even a small effort can create a big impact on the community. With this in mind, we have initiated a bra donation program to match donors with individuals/ charity groups in need of bras, aiming to make this effort sustainable and beneficial for everyone involved.

Project Lilacs (Completed in April)

In collaboration with We Love Learning Centre in Henderson and Project Lilacs, we collected new bras for 5 young ladies-in-need aged 11-21 to support their growing up journey. Perk by Kate fitted these young girls, collected donated bras and purchased new ones for them. Each girl received 3-4 pieces of well-fitting bras.

Project Rwanda (Completed in April 2023)

We had an opportunity to collect bras to benefit women forced into prostitution as well as young orphans, all the way in Africa, Rwanda. Sandra, a missionary with a big heart, helped to facilitate this effort, and will assist to distribute 80-100 pieces of bras to the women in need that she meets through the course of her ministry's outreach. Perk by Kate collected, sorted and shipped the bras over.

  • Bras and bralettes in sizes 30-40 A-DD cup (70-85 A-DD) in new or good condition, including crop top styles.
  • Full-bust bras in sizes 42 A-DD cup (90-105 A-DD) in new or good condition.
  • Nursing bras, including crop tops, in any condition. Any functioning nursing bra is better than none, which is the alternative.
  • Bras in sizes E cup and above. These are often the only properly fitting bras that a woman might have in her lifetime.
  • Mastectomy bras and breast forms (prostheses). If possible, please include the box with the breast form/prosthesis and place the relevant bras under the plastic mold at the bottom of the box. If sending bras only, without breast forms/prostheses, please include a note in the bag or postpack to ensure proper sorting.

To ensure the effectiveness of this program, all bras received by us will be carefully sorted before being passed on to the recipients. In order to maintain the dignity of the recipients, any bras that we deem unsuitable will be recycled with our partner, CLOOP. We reserve the right to decline requests for bra requirements if we detect any abuse or misuse of the intentions behind this campaign.

Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we can empower and support women in our community.