Have bras you do not need? Donate them!

-A small effort from you, a big impact on the community- 


Note: We are stopping bra donations till further notice, due to the current health situation. On behalf of the Uplift Project, we thank you for your support!


who are we partnering?

We are supporting the Uplift Project, a registered charitable organisation that provides bras to women in disadvantaged communities in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Uganda and Paksitan, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley regions in Australia. The ladies in these disadvantaged communities are unable to obtain or afford any form of undergarment, and in many cases, the undergarments provided by the Uplift Project may be the only ones these ladies will ever own. 

If you are a charity organisation in Singapore whose beneficiaries are relevant to this program, we would love to support you. Please reach out to us at hello@perkbykate.com 


what do we need?

- Bras & bralettes from size 30-40 A-DD cup ( 70-85 A-DD ) in new or good condition, including crop top styles.
- Full-bust bras from 42 A-DD cup ( 90-105 A-DD) in new or good condition.
- Nursing bras including crop tops, ANY condition will do. If it will catch a leak it is better than nothing, which is the alternative.
- E cup plus bras. Likely to be the only properly fitting bras that a woman gets in her life.
- Mastectomy Bras and Breast Forms (prostheses). If possible please send the box with the breast form/prosthesis, and put the relevant bras under the plastic mould, in the bottom of the box. These will be given to hospitals for distribution. If sending bras only, without breast forms/prostheses, please put a note in the bag/postpack so we don't miss-sort them.
- New underpants. In some places a girl without underpants does not go to school during her period.

what do we NOT need?

Bedroom lingerie, used thongs, used G-strings, used/stained panties, U-bras, shapewear, torsolettes, bodysuits, and of course, damaged lingerie. 

how you can help :)

We collect bras year round. If you have bras to donate, please let us know via email at hello@perkbykate.com with the header: Bra Donation. This is so we can track any donations coming in. Please note that we can only accept individual donations of up to 20 bras. 

If you are keen on running a donation drive either amongst your friends, family or your company, do assist by also generating some funds for shipping. Please write in to us if you require more information. This ensures that your goodwill extends all the way to the final beneficiary, instead of relying on us to bear all the financial burden of shipping. 



The great things a community can achieve when it comes together may surprise you. Let us help today!