Meet Kate

How I got Intimate

My love affair with lingerie began when I was just thirteen years old. As an ex-gymnast, I disliked those pesky visible panty lines under my leotard. They made me feel self-conscious and awkward. But then I discovered thongs, and my world changed. I never looked back.

From that moment on, there was no turning back. I became the girl who fearlessly flaunted a bright yellow bra under a white T-shirt and dared to wear hot pink under my white school uniform (which, of course, landed me in some trouble).

I wasn't afraid to experiment with lingerie either. Nipple stickers instead of bras? Absolutely! Stuffing tissues into gaping cups? Guilty as charged. And let's not forget the classic move of tucking bra straps into the cups to magically transform it into a strapless wonder. Ah, the struggles of finding the perfect fit.

Throughout my lingerie adventures, one frustrating truth remained constant: finding a bra that fits my petite frame was nearly impossible. Instead of accepting defeat, something sparked within — I should sell lingerie, I thought. Every woman deserves to feel and look good in her undergarments, after all.

In 2012, Perk by Kate was born.

And just like that, in the midst of a car journey home, the name "Perk" came to mind — a truly perky moment in my life. It was a divine revelation, a burst of joy encapsulated in a single word. "Perk" perfectly captured that feeling of happiness when you slip into lingerie that makes you feel fabulous. Plus, it was an apt reference to those feminine assets that deserved to be celebrated. It was the ideal name.

With the goal of bringing real lingerie to real women, I embarked on my journey as a lingerie retailer. I scoured the globe, hunting down niche brands that embodied my vision. From Eberjey to Samantha Chang, Honeydew Intimates to Skin Underwear, I handpicked each one, ensuring that every woman could find the perfect lingerie to make her feel confident, empowered, and utterly fabulous.

In 2015, we created the padded bralette, a style unheard of in the market.

But being a lingerie retailer wasn't enough to fulfill the void inside me. There was a nagging feeling that something was missing— something essential to my vision. I realized that I had no control over the fit and design of the lingerie I sold, and I couldn't directly respond to customer feedback. That wasn't why I got into this business. I set out to solve a need, not create more problems.

It became abundantly clear that it was time to take matters into my own hands and create our own label. Armed with all the knowledge and insights I had gathered about lingerie design and fit over the years, I set out to craft a collection that would revolutionize the industry. And thus, the concept of the "padded bralette" was born. It was unconventional and unfamiliar to many at first, but I knew it had the potential to change the way women felt about their lingerie.

The lingerie revolution

With unwavering determination, I poured my heart and soul into developing the perfect padded bralette—a piece that combined the comfort and freedom of a bralette with the added confidence and support of padding.

It wasn't just about selling lingerie anymore; it was about empowering women and making them feel truly comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

And so, after months of meticulous design and countless fittings, we introduced the world to our collection of padded bralettes. The response was incredible. Women who had never experienced such a combination of comfort and support were won over the moment they tried it on. It was a game-changer—a lingerie revolution that resonated with women from all walks of life.

The Journey Continues

Now, 12 years down the line, Perk has become more than just a lingerie brand. We have become purveyors of confidence and comfort. That is what drives me. That is what keeps me going—the knowledge that I am in this purpose-driven business to bring out that radiant glow inside every woman who wears our creations.

Today, when a woman slips into a Perk by Kate, she's embracing her body, her beauty, and her individuality. She's stepping into a realm where comfort and confidence intertwine, and where she can truly shine from the inside out.

So, the journey continues. Perk will always be about more than just selling lingerie. It's about making a difference in the lives of women, one lingerie piece at a time. And as long as there are women seeking that inner glow, I'll be here, passionately driving forward, knowing that Perk is so much more than a business—it's a movement, a celebration of self-love and empowerment.

As you blossom, so do I. We are in this together.

xx Kate