Saturday Thoughts... and our new launch


Many of you would have seen our Instagram posts about our latest launch. And we can't wait to share more. But before that, we would like to address a topic we faced recently.

Some customers have shared that our model choices are too skinny, and they hope to see a better and perhaps more realistic representation of body shapes out there. They feel that a skinny model implies that we support a skewed notion of beauty.

Our position is far from that, however. Perk by Kate's ethos from the beginning has always been about embracing one's natural beauty, and we never want to deviate from that. We agree that some of our past models inclined toward the slim side. However, they were not selected because of how slim they were, which we will explain further later. The models we have worked with are definitely not unhealthy individuals and, in fact, a few exhibited rather healthy appetites during our shoots! :P

Ideally, we would like to photograph our intimates on both petite and full-bust ladies, and if Asian models are available, even better! But truth is we are faced with talent constraints which restrict us from achieving this. 

The talent pool of models in Singapore is mostly a ‘nomadic’ one. Models from all over stop by for a couple of months, take on as many gigs as they can find before moving on to the next big city. Singapore is, for most, a stepping stone before they land up in the fashion capitals of China and the US. If I were a model myself and I had a choice, I would do the same too since that’s where the well paying jobs are.

This means that at any point in time, the pool of modeling talent in Singapore is actually quite limited. And as you can surely imagine, out of an already limited pool of models, the ones who are willing to take on lingerie assignments form an even smaller subset.

As a result, every casting call we hold typically sees a maximum attendance of about 3 models, all usually equally petite. From there, we try to select a model who can embody the Perk by Kate personality and showcase our intimates in their most natural light. We try really hard to avoid “over-sexing” our intimates. That just isn’t who we are. We wish we could find a perfect model every time but we just have to work with the best model available at any point in time. Just as in real life, there is no perfect body.

We almost never get to work with the same model twice. Just when we form chemistry and would like to approach the same model for our next shoot, we find that she has jetted off to Guangzhou or Shanghai where modeling jobs are abundant. The hunt for our next model begins all over again.

Ingrid, our first ever model, is now based in Hangzhou and doing really well.

I am really glad that our customers have written to us about this. This shows that you care and feel a connection with us. For that, I am thankful. But know that at Perk by Kate, we do not push or aspire towards a particular body shape. We know we can't because we are all made differently. This is why we devote resources quarterly to photograph ''real" ladies at our #PERKSQUAD features. This is a campaign we will continue to do. We can all be comfortable in our own skin.

Thank you for hanging on till the end. This launch, we experimented with more styles, including a push up padded bralette (with push up pads! Of course, normal pads will still be included) and full-cup plunge bralette, both crafted from a gorgeous Japanese lace. We also expanded our maternity line-up to include a smooth nursing bra.

Thank you for your utmost support, have a great weekend!



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