In our second edition of LAYERS, we delve into the world of artist and internet personality Garbo Zhu. She initially captured hearts with her adorable pottery at Grumpy Kid Studio and soon had everyone curious about her unique fashion sense. A vibrant personality who brings joy to all, Garbo demonstrates that true beauty comes from authenticity in self-expression.

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Hi Garbo! We are so excited to be featuring you on LAYERS. Tell us about your journey to becoming a ceramic artist and internet personality, and describe a day in the life of Garbo for us?

There isn’t a typical day recently because of all the changes, but I am trying to establish a routine, especially in the morning. I always start my day with coffee and some quiet time in the living room while I set a to-do list. Followed by lots of different random activities like meetings, events, content-filming/editing, and working on my new brand! Depending on the project deadline, each day could look a bit different, but to be honest, I love the freedom of setting my own schedule and doing what I love. 

Perk by Kate is all about empowerment, inclusivity and self-love. How do you practice these values in your day to day?

The hardest part for me is practicing self-love because I often don't leave enough time to care for my mind and body. I've been making an effort to set aside time for fun activities like pottery, where I can make plates or planters for my home. My goal is to experiment with new forms and glazes without any strict rules or end goals in mind. This sense of "play" is rare but very important in my routine.

Apart from your art, we also love your style! Describe how you put together your outfits and your personal style.

Fun fact: I used to be in architecture, which heavily influenced my style from the age of 18 to 24. The colors I wore were extremely minimal, mostly black and white with simple silhouettes. However, I'm not sure if I actually enjoyed dressing that way. As soon as I started my own business, I began to be more adventurous with my wardrobe! I love thrifting because it's a great way to explore different styles without spending too much or having a huge impact on the fashion ecosystem. Recently, I've been loving a mix of pottery fairy core and comfy streetwear when I go out.

Complete this sentence - A good bra is like…

"A good bra is like an old friend. She is reliable, comforting and always there!"

First thoughts when receiving and putting on our lingerie

First of all, the packaging is dreamy. I always love a bow on a box; it makes the unboxing experience feel so much more special, like receiving a present. Secondly, the bras are unbelievably soft! They felt incredibly comfortable against my skin and looked adorable even under a see-through top. I am usually very picky with lingerie, but the quality of the fabric from the Perk by Kate bras speaks for itself.

We are excited for what’s next for you. Give us a sneak peek?

Let me give you a hint: it’s going to be a jewellery project powered by memories…