In our first edition of LAYERS, we get intimate with Vancouver-born fashion icon Janice Joostema. With over 1.3 million Instagram fans, she opens up to us about self-love, acceptance, and confidence.

With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, it's safe to say that many of us are already huge fans! For those who are new to your work, can you tell us more about yourself and how you got started?

I started with a blog when I was 15/16 and was posting all things beauty, skincare and fashion related. At the time I didn’t have money so I was creating looks from scratch and doing lots of DIY’s to get what was currently trendy. 

I definitely got noticed more when Instagram came out and I was fully into glam so I became close with alot of the beauty brands and was creating so much fun content for them and built from there. It’s easy to have a job that you find so fun! Makes everyday exciting! 

We like to say beauty starts with what's underneath it all! How do you find wearing the right lingerie makes or breaks your day and affects how you feel?

I actually really believe this, I definitely feel more confident when I have a matching set on as it just makes me feel powerful. I think it just makes women radiate their femininity and it makes you feel like you can do and be anything you want! 

What's your personal story in this journey of self-love, acceptance and confidence?

I think nobody stops this journey and I still have my moments where I am not so confident but I will say in the last year I’ve really grown more self love and acceptance of who I am with my sexuality and it’s given me so much confidence as I finally came out, I met my partner and I’m just genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been and getting to be 100% me now just makes everything make sense and I feel like the most confident version of me now. 

How much do you think lingerie plays a role in empowering women?

Huge! I think empowering ourselves as women is so important. I think for me wearing lingerie is empowering as it’s something just for me (and my partner LOL). But while we put so much of ourselves out there in everyday life no matter what career or lifestyle we live, it’s something special you can have for yourself to make yourself feel great in your skin. 

"I have many different styles and vibes. I love to show a little bra under a blazer, under a sheer top, a boxer short under a skirt or cargo pants. There are so many looks to play with!"

Can you spill your secret to looking incredible when posing on IG?

Well currently I’m really into flash photos, they just look so cool and require little to no editing because the flash just makes your skin look great. 

A great outfit, a great pose with a few different angles. But also, you just look the best in photos when you’re at your happiest so SMILE. I just started smiling in photos recently and I love it now haha! 

Let's talk about self-love! What are three guilty pleasures in everyday life that you can't live without?

Marvellous creations Dairy milk chocolate, Big Bang Theory, and cuddles. 

We are so excited for this edit! What was important for you during selecting your items for the edit and process working with us?

I wanted pieces that you could wear on their own and also mixed into looks because it shouldn’t always be something you should hide. You can tastefully show off your lingerie and these pieces definitely should be shown off!