In the past 4 months, we took some time to contemplate the future of the Perk by Kate brand. From our years of experience designing lingerie for fit and comfort, we really wanted to take the Perk by Kate collection to the next level. Our ideal look is something sophisticated, something smartly designed, something that looks really luxurious but is actually affordable in reality. And we realised that we could not achieve all of these ideals if we did not invest more in each and every little detail that makes up a seemingly-simple bralette. After the success of our Alexis upgrade, we decided it would be the right move to take it up another notch with the Naomi and Bella Swan styles.

Naomi and Bella Swan 2.0

Using 100% cotton lining which stays cool even in this humid and warm weather, non-tarnish rose gold hardware, a supportive band custom made in the right colour and stretch, and a choice of scallop or eyelash lace specifically chosen to last in the wash, we simply cannot wait for you to meet the revamped Naomi and Bella Swan. We know fit has always been a tricky issue, which is why we are particularly proud of our new adjustable band feature to cater for different band sizes. If you have a fuller bust, simply size up! Lastly, you can have your choice of T-back or inverted-V back to suit most of your clothing needs. 


We hope you like what we've done!



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