The one great thing about the Internet is that is widens up your boundaries and you get to discover great finds everyday. The great thing about social media is that it makes discovering great finds easier. All thanks to the Internet, it led us to the serendipitous discovery of Phiralia's beautiful fashion illustrations on her Instagram profile one day, where we were instantly wowed over by her drawings. Knowing that we could not let such a talent slip through our fingers, we contacted her for a collaboration and before we knew it, Bonjour Orianna was created. :)

The romantic-at-heart Phiralia chose to feature the Orianna as she loves the intricate lace on this bralette. Furthermore, lingerie is her way of staying true to her feminine self, while she puts on a more androgynous front to others. She believes that many ladies are like that as well, and this makes the choice of lingerie even more special and important to a woman. Because of that, she thinks the perfect gift to any lady is actually a carefully selected lingerie set, with its design traits speaking to her personality.

Imagine this scenario: You wake up in the morning to the clear blue sky and feel of the warm sunshine against your skin. You stretch a bit before getting out of bed, all ready to take on the day. Suddenly, you notice something at the corner of your eyes. You walk over to your dressing table, wondering what it is. Therein lies a package with a simple note 'Bonjour!' and a beautiful lily of the valley array. You open up the package and are pleasantly surprised to see the Orianna bralet nicely folded inside. You try the Orianna on, smile at your own reflection in the mirror and your mood gets another instant uplift. With all the femininity channeled from inside of you, you know you can throw on a pair of washed out jeans and tank top, and still feel as confident as ever.

Thank you Phiralia for igniting such a fire within our hearts. This illustration is beautiful, the inspiration is uplifting, and it makes us possess more pride for our lingerie than ever before. To all, perk is less about selling than it is about bringing the good things to you, so trust in us when we say there will be more good things to come. :) Love, Kate


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