We have been particularly inspired by the decadence in Baz Luhrmann's much awaited film, The Great Gatsby, and we decided to write a post as well as launch a feature collection on it. The lavish parties, the flamboyant fashion, the non-restricted display of love and passion - all made for visual and emotional stimulation - got us paying attention!

We present our favourite looks from the movie, and showcase the lingerie we think perfectly embodies the modern vintage vibe.

We spoke to one of our closest media partners, The Honeycombers, and got them to pick out the piece that best channels the Great Gatsby vibe, and Mimi Holliday's Bisou Bisou Padded Plunge Bra won hands down.

Quoted: "The 1920s might have been about decadence and romance, but there was also a real strength to the modern 1920s woman. The juxtaposition of tough black lace with cream satin is the perfect embodiment of that time."


                                                  Channel va-va-voom in classic vintage style with Gossard's Oriental Bloom Longline Bra.


                           Juxtapose the intricacies of lace with the simplicity of style in Samantha Chang's All Lace Underwire Bra

                                                            Be raunchy but classy with Samantha Chang's Modern Vintage Sophia Set.

Just like how each character in The Great Gatsby is so different, each lingerie piece stands out in their own ways. What we love most however, is the fact that each piece is as wearable as it is unique. Just like how great literature lasts forever - it warms our hearts a little when we think that perhaps, great lingerie never runs out of style too.

Love, Kate


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