My obsession with lingerie began before I started perk, and intensified after my exposure to good quality lingerie grew. The joy of getting hands on a set of exquisite lingerie is equivalent to a bag lover buying the Celine Nano or Chanel Boy. The squeals of happiness when you know you have found something good - they happen to me too. While it is only natural for me to be promoting the brands that I retail since I truly believe in what I sell, there are times when I need to share the goodness of some other brands out there, simply because they are too awesome to be left out, and too selfish for me to leave them out. 

COS's best kept secret, is their range of affordable lingerie which ranges from $39-$49 per soft cup bra. To find a good quality bra is relatively easy. To find a qood quality bra from a good brand - well, that's really difficult. So imagine my happiness when I checked the price tags and was pleasantly surprised at their affordability. The other first impression factors - simplicity of design, soft to the touch tactile feel - also scored high points and I found myself picking up three pieces to the fitting room. 

Their classic triangle soft bra range, available in nude, blue, lilac, in sizes XS and above.

Being a petite lady myself with a cup size of 32A (sometimes even 32AA), it is not easy to have found bralettes that fit well. These COS bralettes have joined the league of the Camellia, Emma and India, fitting small ladies like a dream. If I had to pick on something, it would be that these bralettes come without any lining, which reveal "pokies" more easily, but nothing that a well-tailored, loose fit top cannot fix.

I have since neglected my other pieces for these new loves. They are so simple, it is hard to resist the urge to pick them out from your lingerie drawer. I guess this is why COS has such a strong fan following, their simplicity attracts, their understated pieces draw all who prefer to keep a low profile, and their focus on quality and fit just keeps everyone going back to them for more.

Try them, COS they are worth it!

Love, Kate




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