When Leana of The Wedding Scoop contacted me to collaborate on a boudoir shoot, I needed no convincing. I knew the outcome of the shoot would be good, but truth be told, I didn't expect it to be THIS good. To me, the venue was perfect, Chen, the photographer was wonderful, the styling was immaculate and the bride, suffice to say she stole the show. :)

The moodboard brief to me was emerald, white, gold and floral, so what came to my mind were two pieces I personally adore - the Harvard Robe by Zinke Intimates and the Tinkerbell Padded Bra by Mimi Holliday. What I passed to Chen were some pieces of lingerie. What she did with those pieces were magic. When I saw the photos, I contacted Julie personally and offered to gift her the robe as a wedding gift from us. I thought the robe had found its owner, and when you find something that fits so well together, well, we shouldn't keep them apart. Fate's like this, isn't it?

Love, Kate

Shot at InterContinental Singapore with wonderful imagery by Chen Sands Photography and styling by Heaven in a Wild Flower, this shoot stars real bride-to-be, Julie Wee, together with her sister and friends, in gowns from JessicacindyThe Prelude Bridal and White Runway with hair and makeup by Indigo Artisans. Visit this page for the full scoop. 



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