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UPLIFT Hands-Free Cotton Pumping Bra


The UPLIFT hands-free pumping bra is the all-in-one answer to support you through your breastfeeding journey! With removable convertible straps that can switch this piece from strapless to strapped, comes with a velcro back-extender to ensure you can define your own underbust fit, and a front-zip extender to allow you to best adjust how the bra fits on your body together with your pump, you get your hands freed up so you can multi-task as you pump! 

Small fits 30A, 30B, 32A, 32B
Medium fits 34A, 34B, 34C, 34D
Large fits 36A, 36B, 36C, 36D
Extra large fits 38A, 38B, 38C, 38D

Non-wired hands-free pumping bra
Comes with additional straps to convert it into a regular strapped bra
Comes with a back velcro extender
Comes with a front-zip bust extender


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