At Perk by Kate, we strive to place our customers first. When it comes to the rewards program, we have kept it simple and intimate - every customer who has accumulated the required spend with us will receive a personal discount code. These discount codes will never expire, can be upgraded and have no annual spend requirements. Essentially, once you are here with us, we welcome you to return anytime you want, and we will be here for you as long as you still find our service and offerings relevant.

We have been manually issuing these discount codes for almost 10 years now. Sure, we could have automated it, but nothing helps us to understand you better than the repeated act of going through our customer and order list every week and personally issuing these discount codes. We intend to keep doing this for a long time to come.

Want to track your spend? Ensure you have an account with us, log on, and review your order history! 


It's as straightforward as SGD$300 gets you 10%. SGD$1000 gets you 15%. SGD$3000 gets you 20%. For international customers, your order value will be automatically converted to our local currency when calculating spend. 


This desire to wonder and delight is at the heart of what we do! On your birthday month, look out for birthday treats in your email inbox, ranging from discounts, gift vouchers or curated gifts. To receive your celebratory treat, please ensure you have an account with us, log in, and update your birth date on your profile. 


To support our vision of ensuring our lingerie last as long as they can, we offer minor refurbishing services for worn out pieces! We also help to do fit correction services to your existing pieces like shortening of bands or changing of straps. Understanding that every body is different and that our bodies may change through different stages of life, we are more than happy to extend these services to assist you to find the right fit and extend the lifespan of your lingerie.