#PERKSQUAD For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The Light In Their Hearts

Breast Cancer Month is a special one for all of us at Perk by Kate this year. The breast cancer awareness movement has always been an initiative close to our team's heart but we never felt like we nailed it in our past campaigns. This year, a suggestion by a customer who is a breast cancer survivor made us realise that we can do something (other than donating to breast cancer research causes) to remind these courageous women that they deserve to feel beautiful both inside and out, regardless of whether they are still battling or have won the fight with cancer. We decided we would document their journey, as well as produce a lingerie collection specially designed to help women cope with their recovery phase.

We reached out to our community and will forever be thankful that six ladies responded and opened their hearts and lives to us in such raw and honest ways. During the process, we realised that this photoshoot was not something they would have considered on their own, but they responded to the call because they wanted to stand up for other women and raise awareness. This whole campaign was an emotional ride for us and we were just glad that we could help them find some meaning in what they were doing.

As they fought cancer with all their strength, they also embraced life with all their heart. They stand for strength, hope, recovery and, most importantly, a life well lived. They radiate goodness and beauty from inside and out.

This is why this campaign is titled #TheLightInTheirHearts.

We are with you all the way. 


Special thanks to the following individuals who made this come together beautifully.

Participants Jessie, Wenya, Vivienne, Cynthia and Auntie Kim, Selene and Richmond, Charlene
Photography: Nicole Ong (@knickieophotography) and Sharon Leisinger (@studioleisinger)
Hair & Make Up: ARLY


"I dislike being described as a "survivor" because cancer is a lifelong journey, not a one-time battle."


"I discovered a lump in my left breast in June last year, one lazy Sunday evening when I was watching TV. My recent scans show that I am cancer free and currently in remission. "


"The day I finished all my big treatments in April 2018, I got to rebuild my life again.


"My mother (Auntie Kim) was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer last Christmas. Since then, the family knew our mother can never be cancer-free. The one question that was constantly on her mind, "How did this start? When did it happen?"


"I first found out about my breast cancer this year, 14 Jan 2021. I felt a lump on my breast and immediately went to see a doctor, who promptly referred me to my breast surgeon. That's when my world changed and my life accelerated."


"Through my work at Breathe Essentials, I want to encourage and empower people who are in a vulnerable and difficult position, one I once found myself in."