Shuwen Lou

Share something with us about yourself, Shuwen?

S: I am a trained extrovert. People who have met me always assumed that's my nature but in reality I am an introvert. I enjoy my me time way too much, sometimes too much especially now that I am older.

My breast cancer story started with a misdiagnosis, which led to me getting diagnosed at a more advanced stage. I initally discovered a lump in Feb 2019 and went to a female GP to get it checked out. Despite my ultrasound scans showing a 2cm lump and enlarged lymph nodes, the GP assured me that it is not cancer, and is likely fibrodenoma since I was still young at 30 years old, and had no family history of breast cancer. During my follow up scan 6 months later, the lump had quadrupled to 8cm. I was immediately referred to a Breast Cancer specialist, where I was diagnosed at Stage 3C. Luckily I responded really well to treatments, and achieved pCR (Pathologic complete response) and was able to get away with a lumpectomy, turning my grim prognosis into a positive one.

What do the three words - strong, beautiful and woman - mean to you now?

Strength is cause for celebration, as is vulnerability. Let us in on some moments when you feel down, and your sources of comfort in times of need.

S: When I am feeling down, I do F45 training. After a workout, the endorphins naturally make me feel better and being able to feel and be physically stronger makes me feel good about myself. Lastly, food! I struggled with eating during treatments. Now that I am able to eat properly, it makes me feel good.

Complete the sentence. Life is...


Photography: Nicole Ong (@knickieophotography) and Sharon Leisinger (@studioleisinger)
Hair & Make Up: ARLY