Andrea gives her all in everything she does. She is the consummate go-getter. When we are lacking, we turn to Andrea for tenacity and strength. We also count on her for practical design ideas!

What would your completely honest personal profile say?

A: Loves eating, happiest when I'm practicing yoga, travel addict, OCD by nature, worrywart, a good home cook and baker, hopeless sense of direction and a natural klutz. And more. I suppose you'll have to know me better to completely understand me.

Share a life hack that you think every women should know?

You can't be brilliant at everything so do some things yourself and outsource the rest. Like ironing and finding my way around - no one believes me when I give directions.
- Andrea

What do you still get excited for?

A: Besides yoga, food, desserts and cooking, I do enjoy spending time with him. Nothing fancy, just lying on the couch reading, cooking together and being around each other.

P: Aside from drinking tea, it would be spending time together. Whether it’s a new experience or simply relaxing, being able to enjoy it together is a blessing. Except when she makes me go to stretching class at yoga, which I hate.

Tea, a good book, exercise and loved ones. Did I mention tea?
- Partner

Your favourite simple pleasure in life?

A hot shower after yoga or a workout, sleeping, stretching, CHOCOLATES AND DESSERT.
- Andrea

Tea, a good book, exercise and loved ones. Did I mention tea?
- Partner

If you could call yourself 5 years ago and you had 1 minute, what do you tell yourself?

A: Find passion in the things that you love and remember that life is a journey. Live life. Find joy each day. Take moments to be still. And be patient - good things take time.

P: Don’t wait two more years before moving to Asia. Also, buy Facebook stock.


What are the good things that happened in 2016 for you?

A: I took time to do the things that I wanted to do, slowed down, slept more, hit a few yoga milestones and the best thing of all - fell in love when I least expected it.

P: I met Andrea, learned to do headstands, started a new job and somehow ended up getting involved in the #PERKSQUAD