PBK Team Styles

"I often get queries on how customers should match our lingerie with their outfits. As such, my work outfits often reflect some common questions our customers have. The Celiné bodysuit paired with denims is my all-time favourite outfit. My go-to casual look is the Stella camisole and a wrap skirt."
"I am a dress for comfort kind of girl. The Mae ribbed bodysuit is so soft to the skin, and works fabulously under most of my bottoms. I also have a thing for backless tops and the Mi Amor lets me be whimsical without being too revealing!"
"I have been trying to venture out of my comfort black T-shirt and jeans zone and experiment with lace and dresses. A cut-out shift dress with the Alexis longline lets me show off some details without being too revealing. Showing off the lace straps on the Ella Rose bralette is a good way to match lingerie with my clothing too!"
"I am a V-neck lace peekaboo and bodysuit kind of lady! The Aurora in blush is so versatile and elegantly pairs with most of my V-neck tops, particularly this Esse plunge number. I also love the Dylan bodysuit for its simplicity, and it goes well under any bottom."

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