How Have You Been?

How Have You Been?

How are you?

It's almost the end of the circuit breaker period, and we just wanted to see how everyone is doing.

From our giveaway last week, we realised that social media tends to be one-dimensional, showcasing only the side of life that a person is prepared for you to see. Having read the entries many times over, we appreciate that many of you are facing personal struggles of your own, struggles that are too private to be shared in the public sphere, struggles that you are determined no one should know.

Thank you for opening up to us. We are touched you trusted us to be your confidante in such times of stress. While we cannot offer the solution, we hope that by providing that listening ear, you know that you are not alone out there.

To the healthcare workers toiling at the front line, to mothers facing immense stress juggling both family and work from home, to brides-to-be handling the disappointment and financial stress of having their wedding plans postponed, to individuals going through mental health and family struggles of their own, to all who are missing their friends and family, we wish you strength, wisdom and optimism to see you through these tough times.

Here, we would like to share three quotes that tugged at our heartstrings.

On Our End..

Our lingerie studio will be closed for at least another month. We have also cancelled all planned events for 2020. This is one of the most disappointing decisions we have had to make but it is one that we know is necessary in the best interests of our community. When business decisions meet a public health crisis, the former must give way.

We are not fully sure when things will revert to normalcy, but we will adapt and find other meaningful ways to reach out to you. In the meantime, our online retail operations remain fully functional.

And so we will miss the vibrant buzz of human traffic, the big hugs and warm hellos. We will miss being able to serve you delicious desserts at our events. But we know that when we meet again, it will be right where we left off ... :)

Have a great Sunday!


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