Celebrating 10 Years of Love

Celebrating 10 Years of Love

Has it already been 10 years? It's been such a journey. As I documented our 10 year milestones, a flood of memories came back to me, the highs and lows remembered with equal fondness. 

I can distinctly remember the exhilarating joy I felt when the name "PERK" came to us in the car. That name took a year to come to us, and honestly, a way better name compared to the initial "The Little Booty Shop".

That "OMG is this really it" moment when our first order came in for which I was not prepared for because we didn't expect any orders to come in so soon. With no packaging materials in hand, we promptly made our way to a nearby gift shop, bought ribbons and boxes to send out that order immediately because we needed to show our customer we were legit.

The struggles and achievements of our early years are always the most memorable - not only because they were the toughest, but because we overcame them in search of a better outcome. :) From that first order to now having fulfilled almost 60,000 orders, our desire to impress and delight has never waned. In fact, you push us on to be better. We know you expect that of us too. 

This year, we continue to focus on production integrity and excellence. We will also be publishing our sustainability commitment next week. Now that we are more or less done with our essential collections, we have lined up exciting collaborations and fun collections to rejuvenate our brand offerings. Our lingerie studio will continue to be a space for shared conversations and feedback. Always passionate about artisans, our studio will soon open up proper to support the dreams of other makers. 

May 2021 be more memorable than the last. For as long as you will have us, we will keep making beautiful lingerie, and intimate brand memories with you. 


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