We have been working on custom pads for a while now, ever since a customer mentioned that her pads were peeling off in the wash.

That made us uncomfortable - what if there are more of you out there? Customers whose pads were peeling but never wrote to us. The resolve to make our own pads was sealed and we went on the hunt for the right opportunity to custom-make our own.

It took us two trips to Guangzhou before we found a small workshop we really wanted to work with. Although there are many padding makers in the textile markets of Guangzhou, the feeling just wasn't right with most. 

The workshop we eventually chose was a nondescript one. Small footprint. No pushy salesman. Not even a signboard. We took a peek and wondered if the place was even "legit". The owner beckoned us in for a chat and we are thankful we took that leap of faith. 

The lady boss understood our need for a high quality pad, soft to the touch, double-weaved for smooth finish, and custom sized to fit our bralettes. And not just that - each pad must have an all-around seam so it wouldn't peel in the wash. It must withstand the daily wear that our customers put it through. 

We left Guangzhou a little wary, but hopeful.

Two months on, the pads are here and we couldn't be happier. We can confirm, these guys are "legit". Now, we can't wait to replace your current pads with the ones we just made.  :D

In the coming weeks, all returning customers who place an order will receive replacement pads together with their new orders. Thereafter, we will work through our list of customers and mail replacement pads to them separately. It's crazy work and it may take a while, but we will do it.

Once this is complete, the new pads will be available on the site at a nominal price. We are also working with our workshop to gradually pair all new bralettes with the new pads.

As always, if you have any inquiries, just email and we'll help you out. 

Thank you for your support!
Love, Kate

*This exercise is for all who have purchased our padded bralettes before 16 April, and were given unseamed pads. 

*As of Aug 2016, we are still halfway through the replacement exercise. Should you need the pads urgently, please write in to us! 


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  • Christina on


    One of the pads on one of the bra has dropped out and lost. Kindly may I request/buy pads? Thank you.

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