Bold, New and Beautiful

Hello! :)
It was a mad two weeks of activity - photoshoots, sourcing trip, bringing forward our new launch and finalising the details of our upcoming satin bag packaging. 
I know many of you have been waiting for the new collection, so we decided to bring forward the launch of some completed pieces. In this launch, you would have noticed the *limited* tag beside some of the new pieces on the site. You might be wondering, what does that mean? The short answer is a combination of us hunting for that perfect lace design, in that perfect colour, and us not being able to purchase lace at the quantity required by the lace suppliers. 
In our experience, lace hunting is usually an exciting but heart breaking affair. Whenever we find a gorgeous piece of lace in a great looking colour, we are usually met with this response -  We do not hold this in inventory. But hey, we can produce it for you. You just have to take 3000 yards per colour. 
At this point, my heart breaks. There is no way we can buy 3000 yards.     
You see, the vast majority of lingerie in the market is produced by large factories operated by global brands. These brands routinely buy hundreds of thousands of yards of material to produce lingerie. According to our supplier, a renowned global brand recently put out a request for a million yards of a particular lace design! There is then no surprise (or secret) that the upstream supply chain is mostly built around supplying these giant factories, and not niche producers like us.  
And so we have to work doubly hard, turn over more stones, visit more places to look for laces for our production. 
Laces in black and white are aplenty, but coloured and bi-coloured laces are a drop in the ocean. So when we find a gorgeous piece of lace in that perfect shade, we have to get it. When a *limited* tag is appended to an item, it means that we were unable to procure the usual amount we need for our already very small production, but because we love the design so much, we buy whatever limited amount we can get our hands on. This usually means that no more than 30 pieces are produced, but it also means what you have, is truly rare. 
We heard your requests for more unique colours. While this is a small selection to start with, you know we will never stop in our pursuit. 
Enjoy the lingerie!


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