Woohoo!! I am really excited about this post as I am going to be talking about one of the best reviews perk has ever gotten. This post by Moonberry is top notch for a few reasons:

1) The determination to put forth an all-rounded review is impressive. Moonberry took her time to review this, and made sure she tried the bralette with all sorts of clothing before she posted this - that's detail at its finest. I can safely say Moonberry will do more than fine reviewing products for Techcrunch or Engadget. :p
2) The photography styling and creative direction is excellent! From the pearls to the Camellia headpiece, Moonberry made the bralette look very good. 
3) The level of detail and honesty put into this feature is exactly what we were looking for. No excessive fluffiness. We prefer to let the product speak for itself, and we are glad Moonberry highlighted every positive (and negative) point in this post. She is also an astute consumer, highlighting and addressing the key areas ladies usually focus on. 
As usual, we will quote certain parts of the article we wish to highlight, then leave you to read the rest of the article on her blog.
"I was initially still cautious about the nipple outline thingie, but after wearing this bralette underneath t-shirts, solid color dresses and a mix of other outfits of different materials (tight, clingy, loose, stretchy, etc), this bralette truly exceeded my expectations. The softly-lined cups prevented any vulgar exposures."

For those who are concerned about "pokies", we hope this helped to alleviate some of your worries!

"The support this bralette gives is surprisingly good also. Not the exaggerated kind like a push-up bra, but a natural lift. This is made possible by a subtle ruching along the underseam, again very smart design. So visually it’s an aesthetic feature, but it functions to give the boobs a gentle lift also. Nicely done."

Apart from "pokies", this is actually another concern many ladies have. Many have told me that they are not suited for bralettes because they are a full B/C cup and above, and wearing bralettes will not provide them the support and lift they need. Again, we hope this helped to alleviate some of your worries. 

"There is a tiny annoyance for me though, that is the thin spaghetti straps which for some reason, one side – on my right shoulder – keeps getting twisted."

Bralettes usually come with thinner straps and as such, they can get tricky. In Moonberry's case, the right side keeps flipping due to her slouch. For others, the thin straps can sometimes dig too deep into their shoulders, causing pain and discomfort. If your shoulder straps are digging too deep into your shoulders, it means that the bralette is too small for you, and you should size up one size for a better fit. Do not worry about the cup size. The great thing about bralettes is that their soft cups allow for some flexibility, and their cups are designed to fit the shape of your boobs, not the other way around. Case in point, I am a 34A, however, I often opt for a medium simply because I find it more comfortable.
I certainly hope this little bralette tutorial helped ease some of your worries. Please support and visit the Moonberry blog for the full feature!
Love, Kate


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