5 styles, 6 colours, 8 sizes. The Celiné range is here!


Say hello to Celiné, again

We spent a good part of the second half of 2017 working on product development, with the aim to push the quality of our pieces to another level. The last of our efforts culminated in the Celiné, one we went all out for, and one we hope you'll like.

One particular style we have grown to love is the Celine triangle. We departed from our usual feminine flairs and created an edgier piece, made possible by the use of a matte elastic band, black lining and gunmetal hardware. Really cool, this one!

We are also dedicating ourselves to coming up with more intimate options this year, and the Celine camisoles and bodysuits make for a really good start. Flattering curve hugging stretch lace makes layering easy and beautiful.

Yuu Home

We launched our sister brand, Yuu, a month ago. The response so far has been very, very heartening and we must say we were pleasantly surprised. And physically exhausted too - since we delivered all of the orders on our own over the past month. But all of this is good fun to us and absolutely worth it.

Many of you have also written asking to purchase additional pillow cases, bolster cases and the option to purchase sheets and duvet covers separately. We appreciate all the feedback (don't stop!) and we are working on it. We hope to make all of this possible by our second shipment.

In the meantime, if you are looking for good cotton bedding at a reasonable price, whether for your own home or as a gift, check out our site and let us know how we can help.

Have a great Sunday!


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