Happy Wednesday! I am really excited to be updating this post, because you are getting an insight into the perk by kate label, a dream I've had since I started this business three years ago. Bear with me as this post is slightly long, but I have to share my experiences with you.

Over the past three years, I've had the chance (and time) to consolidate all your needs, and be able to work on some really useful designs. This is how the padded bralette came about, and takes centrestage in this perk by kate label. Having done some tests with custom padded bralette designs with Handmade by Elma, I am sure that is the right direction to go into - afterall, what's not to love about an unwired, lightly padded intimate? :)

Two months back in December, I headed to Vietnam in search of an opportunity, and I am very thankful I found it. This opportunity came after a failed visit to a lingerie factory which turned out to be a sweatshop outfit ( and that made me really uncomfortable working with them), followed by a visit to the home of a lingerie retailer (an university student just 20 years of age striving out) who volunteered the contact to a fashion designer who knows the art of lingerie design. A visit to this fashion designer was more than what we could have hoped for. A lady fluent in English (which means no language barrier), who has an eye for aesthetic appeal and design, takes a firm stand on using quality material and who ethically employs two in-house seamstresses to hand-sew and manage all tailoring work. Yes, she was a dream come true.

In just two months, we worked on the designs and production, and today, we have a range of padded bralettes in various styles and designs.

The Bella, a strappy eyelash design, is our best seller yet.


I truly hope you are liking what you are seeing so far. If you have any feedback on what you would like to see in a lingerie, please send any suggestions my way at I look forward to hearing from you!



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