Brazilians and Us

What do Brazilians have to do with us, you may wonder?

It may be interesting for you to know that in the four photoshoots we have done, three of them happen to be Brazilians. Ingrid from our inaugural shoot, Jessica from our third shoot and now Paula from our latest. It just so happens that the models who catch our eyes each casting all happen to be from that exotic locale. There's something about them - they are feminine, they are playful, they are comfortable in their own body and skin - all of which we find attractive, and we feel represent the perk personality very well.

To be honest, we were not 100% sure about choosing Paula due to her full bust. We were not sure if all the bralettes would even fit her well. However, we still decided to go ahead because this was a chance of learning about fit for fuller ladies, which would help improve our designs in the future. 

Going into the shoot prepared to meet with potential difficulties and problems, we shared all our concerns with our photographer, Kelvin Koh from Lightedpixels Photography. He listened, and he understood. Turns out our worries were for naught. In the stillness of the morning where the air was fresh and the greens stood out crisp and clear, with mosquitoes ferociously feeding off us but we didn't care, with a team just wanting to do good work, the images turned out better than we expected.

Part 1 of this launch is focused on light-coloured everyday lovelies. Part 2 will come in two weeks time. :)



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