31st Dec. A day of celebration and reflection, a day when our conversations start off with, "Hello! Happy New Year! Can't believe time passes so fast it's New Year already!"........ and promptly followed by a slightly frowny expression. Time indeed flew by real quick, and we want to take this chance to thank you for being part of the perk by kate family. We hope we have touched each of you in some ways with our personal approach to business, and we certainly hope you liked what we have done this year. If we have disappointed you in other ways, please, send your feedback our way and we will definitely improve. Promise!

Looking forward, 2015 is turning out to be pretty amazing, with our dreams of a Perk by Kate label bearing fruit. Should you have any features you want to see in your own intimate, let us know!

bringing you our perkiest moments in 2014

Wishing you blessed holidays and a Happy New Year!




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