The allure of Instagram has befallen onto many, and like all aspects of life, there are some who can do it better than others. A formula we think consisting of raw talent, inspiration from others, a good camera with an eye for composition and details, and most importantly, hardwork and the tenacity to always aim for perfection, we think @jaim of the @thepaperbunny has mastered this formula. This girl shot herself to fame, allowing others to live vicariously through her colourful life and inspiring others with her talent in calligraphy, designs and her positive outlook in life. We got in touch with Jaime not simply because she is a personality, but because we love to connect with hardworking and inspiring entrepreneurs whom we identify with. Who can say no to a comfy bralette to take a busy-bee through her hectic day? :)


 the @paperbunny's magic, featuring the Lucy bralette by Zinke Intimates




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