Sophie Drake, 27, Full-time Mother of 3

I’ve pretty much struggled with my body all my life. For example, I used to be a UK size 6 but I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t eating. This was in my early 20s, before I had any children. You know, when you’re skinny and you eat a huge meal, you end up bloated and you develop this little pouch in your tummy? That used to happen to me and it bothered me a lot.

Fortunately, a lot of self-acceptance only came after my third child. I finally have an appreciation of what I can do and I respect my body a lot now. I mean, it was hard with the large and saggy boobs, and stretch marks, but I’ve had healthy pregnancies, I breastfeed all my children and I am so amazed at what the body is capable of. I am a mother and I look like one.

I’ve learnt to be ok with the process and not throw myself a pity party. Don’t give yourself the pressure to snap back after childbirth and stress about having to work out all the time, on top of taking care of your children. Let’s just own up to our bodies that our babies called home and own what we have!

Photography & Styling: Franz Navarrete, Timothy Chow, Coby Travis, Hosanna Swee.

Hair & Make Up: Airin Lee, Vicky Ang

Calligraphy: Trudy Zhang