Shari Chong, 33, Educator

What a journey it has been to lose 17kg in the last three years! My whole life I used to be chubby and my round face made me look fat. In my teenage years, my breasts grew to size DD/E and I had such a hard time finding suitable bras. In addition to that, it was very painful to do any form of physical activity and I had constant shoulder and back aches.

In 2016, I underwent surgery to help resolve these chronic issues. This was a major turning point in my life – when I was at the lowest point in my adult life – and it kickstarted a new lifestyle, as I embarked on a fitness and wellness journey. I did pilates regularly, I picked up strength training, I did dance and barre.

I've since gained back some weight due to muscle gain and opening my diet back up to include and embrace carbs and happy foods and I'm still working on that balance of a healthy mindset and body.

Photography & Styling: Franz Navarrete, Timothy Chow, Coby Travis, Hosanna Swee.

Hair & Make Up: Airin Lee, Vicky Ang

Calligraphy: Trudy Zhang