Portraying body inclusivity has been a challenge thrown at us for many years. We find ourselves stuck in a place where we sincerely want to do all we can to showcase our designs on a meaningful range of bodies, but often are limited to model options and budgets. Though, if you know us enough, you would know that we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling the lingerie needs of women of all body shapes over the years - carrying 12 sizes (and growing) - fitting women from 30A to 40C (and more soon). We even have a range of lingerie for breast cancer survivors.

From all the campaigns we have done, it hit us that we are actually past body inclusivity. With a genuine belief that accepting and nurturing your inner-self is one of the most important steps one can take to be beautiful inside and out, this is going to be the new driving force behind our brand stories. Having photographed many women straight out from casting calls within our community, blind shortlisting based on stories first, then fitting them later, we have seen how acceptance of self shines brighter when compared to preset notions of physical beauty. That glorious acceptance of yourself, that love for your well-being and of people around you, that courage in putting yourself out there.

That, my girl, brings out that glow about you. That form of beauty and vulnerable charm is undeniable, unique, and magical.


The trust between brand and customer is strengthened as we bloom together. Our ladies trust us to portray them in the best light. In return, we honour that trust, and do our best to bring out that beauty that has been shared with us. The magical process of creation comes alive with this deep faith. Every time we complete a campaign involving ladies from within our community, the sense of WOW that we experience far surpasses anything we have done.

What we want to achieve is a meaningful portrayal of intimate journeys and bodies that will uplift and inspire both yourself and others, who are on their own growth journeys. If your journey is in line with the story we hope to tell, we welcome you to spend half a day with us, complete with a professional photographer and make-up artist, who will ease you into the shoot and make you feel beautiful and confident!

Every lady who shoots with us will go home with 2-3 sets of their favourite lingerie they wore on the day of shoot. On top of it all, you will receive a copy of the gorgeous photos. Think of it as a sponsored boudoir shoot.


As an independent label, we adopt a very hands-on approach to our creative processes and place our customers' needs first. This approach has guided our design process for many years and we wish to deepen it.

This is why we have set up this platform to continue to hear from you. Creativity is a two-way street. We want to transform your wish lists, perspectives and pains into something amazing and life-changing.

If your submission is considered in our upcoming collections, we will involve you in our design and fitting process. Your level of involvement is completely up to you, it should never be stressful. Once we have finalised production samples, you will receive a set and we will also invite you to be a part of our photoshoot.

We can't wait to hear from you.