Bespoke, Custom & Alterations

-In pursuit of the perfect fit-



From our sourcing trips, we have managed to gather a treasure trove of laces which are too gorgeous to not have, but too little to produce in larger quantities for the site. From French chantilly laces to unique bi-coloured beauties, these laces will guarantee a lingerie set that's truly your own. Also perfect for bridal customisation.

Bespoke pieces will take a minimum of 2 months for production, from planning to end product. Please contact to share your needs.  

custom sizing

While we are actively working to expand our size range to suit most body shapes, we are aware that our current options may not cater to your size and body shape. If there is a style that catches your eyes but you need us to make slight adjustments, we are happy to help you out. If we are able to make it happen, we will. Custom-sized pieces will take a minimum of 2 months for production depending on the availability of materials. Please contact to share your needs.


Need minor alterations to your band and strap length to get that perfect fit? We are able to help you out at a small fee of $3. Alterations may take up to 2 weeks. Please contact to share your needs.