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Love Notes from our Mamas

Purchasing your products is such a joy for me. Thank you for putting in the effort to make nursing bras so elegant, without compromising on comfort! I felt like a million bucks wear them for my maternity shoot, and would love to share some of my favourite photos with you and the team. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Carin Lee

Loyal Customer

Chose to invest in Perk by Kate’s beautiful maternity range in place of the standard maternity bras to journey with me through my breastfeeding journey for my second pregnancy. I am so glad I made that decision. The Endearing pieces has really helped me look and feel good in my postpartum body and recovery. Thank you for giving all mamas a much needed self-esteem boost when our bodies and mind most needed it. Also really touched by the lovely surprise baby milestone cards that came with my order. Your team has really delivered a real perk me up! :)

Amelia Leow

I’m in love with your nursing bras. I suffered many bouts of mastitis during my fourth trimester and was in a bad space mentally and physically. Even simple things like ill fitting bras make me upset cos I was just so uncomfortable. I was so happy to have found a great fit with the Mia nursing bras. I really cried happy tears. I’ve been a fan since.

Denise Loh

When I was pregnant with a growing bust and a changing body, I knew I had to refresh my bralettes and visited the trustworthy PBK for maternity options. I managed to snag what I needed for pre and postnatal with great advice by the PBK staffs. After giving birth and breastfeeding, I visited again to update my bralettes based on my current body and couldn’t be more satisfied and grateful to have PBK with me prior and during my motherhood jounney. ♥️

Chantal Khor

I started my journey with PBK almost 10 years ago. PBK has been there for me through every major milestone - my engagement, my wedding, and through three pregnancies. During my breastfeeding journey on and off over the past five years, I have worn PBK maternity bralettes to death. They’re so comfy, versatile, and always turns out as my first choice of lingerie. As I transition through motherhood and end my breastfeeding journey, I find myself reaching for the pieces that led me to PBK - the comfort and timeless designs are unparalleled, and I love supporting local. Thank you PBK for journeying with me.

Alicia Pang

When my boy was born, I realised I needed to have a bra 24/7 as mom to a young child. Because at any time, I might need to carry a baby, need to squeeze a little one in bed next to me, and it was always more comfortable to have some support with a bra! PBK bralettes are the only ones that are comfortable for me to have on round the clock!

Christine Yeo

I chanced upon Perk by Kate and felt like i hit the jackpot. I was looking for a nursing bra (while i was heavily pregnant) that has a thin band, adjustable straps, smooth material that wont stick onto my skin and a design that was simple enough that made me feel good. The Mia bra have become my go-to everyday bra because it is just so comfy and an ease to nurse my baby anytime. I'm glad to have found a lingerie store that ticks all my requirements!


I bought a whole set of new bras from Perk by Kate and they were so helpful as the material was soft, comfortable and of such high quality. This was during my early nursing stages when my breasts were sore. I even recommended your nursing bras to all my fellow mothers-to-be who also fell in love with this brand!



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