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Love Notes for Mia

The Mia! I've bought so many expensive bras from other brands, they hurt me physically and my pocket too! I have 3 MIAs and intend to get more. One for each day of the week, I'm not even kidding. It just takes one bra to change my life 🔥


The Mia! Can't and don't wear anything else since I've tried it!


Comfy soft and fits like a hug. My go-to for lazy days that's still so so cute 💕


Mia!! I have 3 currently and wish to one day own every colour! Haha it's just sooo comfy and perfect under any tee! ❤❤❤


Mia - the only bra I wear now at home and out, with almost all colours in my wardrobe!


Mia all day every day!