Every year it happens. Come December, yuletide carols fill the air. Reindeers, elves and Santa present themselves in their lighted form. There's a buzz in the air. As many of you look forward to another season of gift giving and celebration, we are working hard to make your Christmas as memorable as ever. This, we must do, in appreciation and thanks of the wonderful community that is Perk by Kate.  

This year end, our Christmas packaging is made up of a limited edition satin bag, packed in our signature Perk pillow box and finished off with a rose gold purl satin bow. When we came across this ribbon, we knew we had to use it. :) 

Nikko - A Christmas Special

nikko bags

Through our journey for Perk by Kate, we have come across many interesting industries. Out of all, the leather bag industry was one that sparked our interest very much. We always wondered if we could apply our idea of honest retailing to the leather bag industry - create good quality leather bags without the traditional retail mark-up. 

Our curiosity brought us to visit leather goods factories and leather suppliers, and we got schooled along the way. With wide-eyed innocent inspiration in hand and a huge belly of idealism, we decided to try our hands at making a simple bag. We figured the worst that could happen was I would have an endless supply of bags for probably the rest of my life. 

Hugely taken by the Japanese's dedication to craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetics, we set out to create our own interpretation of shibui (beautiful by being understated) in this bag. We even named the bag after our favourite city in Japan - Nikko, which also means light 光 in Japanese.

The Nikko clutch is the happy outcome of our 8-month exploration. Made of lambskin, this clutch is divinely soft to the touch. The qualities of lambskin truly live up to its name here. We hope you will like what we came up with! :)

Christmas Giving

As we close the year, we give thanks. We give thanks for good health. We give thanks for the loved ones around us. And we give thanks for the wonderful support you have given us.

This year, we have also become increasingly aware of the need for us to give back to society. Apart from supporting Uplift Project with donated bras and underwear, we have also decided to lend our support to Star Shelter, a charity under the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. The shelter offers a safe temporary refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence regardless of race, language, creed or religion. It also helps victims manage and rebuild their lives free from violence.

Perk by Kate will be donating $1000 in cash to the charity. On top of this, for every Nikko clutch sold this Christmas, $20 will be used to purchase and donate daily necessities (milk powder, diapers, groceries etc) to the women and children supported by Star Shelter. The donation will be made on 27th December 2016, the first work day after the Christmas break. It will be made in the name of “The Perk by Kate Community”, because this help wouldn't have been possible without all of you, our amazing customers. 




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