Why Perktrepreneur?

Hello you. :)

perktrepreneur is a deviation to what a normal blog is like. My thoughts: since I already do have a Tumblr account - so why start another blog showcasing almost the same content? I also thought: Being an entrepreneur is not easy at all, so why not share my experiences to supporters of Perk, and even, to anyone who is interested in starting up a business?

After reading a book titled "A book about Innocent: Our story and some things we've learnt" last August, I was hugely inspired by their business model, as well as the various ideas it gave me, in setting up Perk. I thought if Innocent Drinks could do the same for me, I could do the same for others too. I would offer people who are looking for a non-theoretical approach in doing a business some creative ideas or even show them how I overcame some business issues, and hopefully inspire them in their own business too.

I wanted to set up a lingerie business eons ago and only managed to start work last August, and finally I have accomplished some baby steps with the launch of this website. A long way more to go for me, and I am looking forward to every challenge in this entrepreneurship. :)



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