Yvonne Chua

Share something with us about yourself, Yvonne?

Y: I felt a lump on my left boob two to three months after I had just given birth. Back then, I delayed my check as I was complacent. By the 4th month, the lump had grown so I went to get a scan and did a biopsy to remove the 1.8cm lump. On Mother’s Day week, my breast surgeon called and told me I was diagnosed with cancer. My world stopped and crashed. I was trying to swallow the news I just received, and I went for a long shower to calm myself. I remembered my husband hugging me tightly when I came out of the shower, asking if I am ok because I did not cry nor have any huge reaction. I walked to the bedroom and looked at my 4 month old daughter sleeping peacefully. I stood next to her cot and whispered to her, “For you, mummy will stop eating chocolates because it’s dairy and it’s bad. For you, I will win this.”

From being stuck in an endless pity-depressing hole, I shot right out of it. The news slapped me right out of my depression, and I ditched the world that crashed and began building a new world, armed with a whole new troop of friends and families to fight this battle. Aside from detoxing all the good and bad cells from my body, it felt like I detoxed my mind and my circle of friends too. I learnt to spend time wisely with people who matter, I learnt not to judge. Cancer patients or people who have illnesses may not look like one. I learnt to prioritise myself, and to never procrastinate. Most importantly, I learnt to “let go” of things that do not matter.

What do the three words - strong, beautiful and woman - mean to you now?

Strength is cause for celebration, as is vulnerability. Let us in on some moments when you feel down, and your sources of comfort in times of need.

Y: The passing of my 15Y paw-friend, passing of people that I knew who battled with cancer, feeling overwhelmed at work and home can poke me out of my positive bubble. When that happens, I usually cuddle my little one, listen to Jay Chou, practice mindfulness by looking out the window, run or practice Muay Thai.

Complete the sentence. Life is...


Photography: Nicole Ong (@knickieophotography) and Sharon Leisinger (@studioleisinger)
Hair & Make Up: ARLY