Selene Zhang

Share something with us about yourself, Selene :)

SE: I love playing games on ps4! I think this is one thing that most people can't believe that I do - that I am a gamer hahaha. While going through treatment, I actually finished 4 games cos I was playing it night and day.

What do the three words - strong, beautiful and woman - mean to you now?

Strength is cause for celebration, as is vulnerability. Let us in on some moments when you feel down, and your sources of comfort in times of need.

SE: There were many times during my cancer treatment when I felt down, especially when my hair first dropped. My husband and my family were there when I told them that it started dropping. When I wanted to shave it off, my husband offered to shave it with me. He said that "as long as I do not have any hair, he will not have any hair too". It was one of the most memorable things that he has done for me. Each time I felt down, I will always talk to him, and it always feels better after talking about it. Other than that, I do turn to the usual - food, netflix, sleep, for comfort in times of need.

Complete the sentence. Life is...


Photography: Nicole Ong (@knickieophotography) and Sharon Leisinger (@studioleisinger)
Hair & Make Up: ARLY
Lingerie: Celine Padded Camisole by Perk by Kate
Robe: Bells & Birds