Mother's Day is a meaningful one for me this year. Not only am I actually part of the celebrations for the first time, I managed to round up some of the awesome mamas we know to be featured in our Mother's Day edition of #perksquad.

"Need us to wear lingerie or not?"
"Eh I am so camera shy, I can't do this."
"Will the camera make me look twice my size?"

The participants had very valid concerns, given the nature of our business. They were reassured, as all we had hoped to achieve out of this was to capture love in its most organic and unscripted form, without the need to bare bodies. 

The result? Some of the real-est (is this a word?), most effervescent and beautiful love between each mother & child pairing. We even invited a pet mama in, because pet mamas are mamas too. The crew definitely went home that day with their hearts warm and fuzzy, reminding themselves to tell their own mamas how much they are loved and appreciated. 

To all mums out there, including mine, we celebrate you. Know that you are greatly appreciated, immensely loved and all your giving has not gone unnoticed. 

To mamas who have experienced loss, mamas who are waiting for that BFP, pet mamas and all brave nurturing female figures around us, this day celebrates you too. Your strength and resilience inspire us.

Special thanks to the following individuals who made this come together beautifully.

Participants Lucinda & Mum, Mavis & Mum, Eugenia & Lyanna, Phillane, Asaph & Joseph, Joan & Olaf, Kate & Dawn
Videography and Lighting: Timothy, Yann
Hair & Make Up: Airin, Vivian