A big dose of self-love and a lot of fun

For this year's edition of #Perksquad, we want to celebrate the individual. We believe that beauty lies in the most authentic version of yourself, embracing all that you are.

In our debut fashion show, 12 ladies lit up the stage with their bravery, shining personalities and beautiful smiles. They took on this challenge and showed us that we can all be supermodels, with self-confidence built on knowing ourselves. 

Shuwen, Nicole, Serene, Laavanya, Amanda, Gwen, Lilian, Trudy, Aileen, Raquel, Evadne and Monica, you made this show come alive. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 

Special thanks to the following partners who made this come together beautifully.

Videography and Lighting: Timothy, Alvin, Eric
Hair & Make Up: Airin, Vicky, Amy, Vivian
Sponsors: Fossa Chocolates, Re:erth, Candles of Light, Shiseido, Kydra

Through pole, I found a community who is supportive and ever ready to lift each other up, regardless of age, size, gender or background and have benefited greatly from this. I want to take this chance to pay this love forward and spread the same positivity to others.


I want to keep growing the courage in myself by taking a chance on something new. While “new” is exciting, it's also unfamiliar - so we can find that spark in us to give ourselves a chance to try.


I want to change the way we exist and take up space in a world that constantly tries to make us feel like we're less than.
Inclusivity starts from radical self-acceptance, and expands to include the world around us.


There are many invisible layers beneath the lace and frills. For me, it is accepting the fact that my life might not include children, but rather opportunities for other adventures.


Sharing my love for beautiful lace. Kate's creations make me feel feminine and wonderful!


Breast cancer survivors have every reason to
celebrate their bodies again ♥


Finding femininity in my strength, and strength in my femininity.


You can choose to love yourself; through heartaches and the highlands all the same. For self-love is far more than your state of mind and beyond your body. And you do this, again and again; with courage, with strength and a whole lot of love.


I’m in awe of how powerful our body can be. Being a mum has really made me embrace my body in a new way. Take time to understand, appreciate and love your body for what it is.


Loving yourself and befriending yourself for who you truly are, inside and outside, is something I really believe in. Perk by Kate has always been the brand that champions woman accepting their best self, worst self, and all of yourself - and I always resonate with that :)


I want to empower women as they undergo the biggest change in their body during pregnancy and after birth. To embrace the new mum body. Be proud that it has given life. Acknowledge it will never be the same again and it is OK.


I’m a firm believer that age is an issue of mind over matter. Although I’m a mother to 2 adult children, I would like to take this chance to show that you should never let age be a barrier which stops you from doing what you want to do.