For this year's edition of #Perksquad, we want to celebrate the individual. We believe that beauty lies in the most authentic version of yourself, embracing all that you are.

In our debut fashion show, 12 ladies lit up the stage with their bravery, shining personalities and beautiful smiles. They took on this challenge and showed us that we can all be supermodels, with self-confidence built on knowing ourselves. 

Shuwen, Nicole, Serene, Laavanya, Amanda, Gwen, Lilian, Trudy, Aileen, Raquel, Evadne and Monica, you made this show come alive. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 

Special thanks to the following partners who made this come together beautifully.

Videography and Lighting: Timothy, Alvin, Eric
Hair & Make Up: Airin, Vicky, Amy, Vivian
Sponsors: Fossa Chocolates, Re:erth, Candles of Light, Shiseido, Kydra