Ng Wenya

Share something with us about yourself, Wenya. :)

WY: I have a soft spot for theme parks, especially Disneyland! There is something magical about theme parks. I always feel like a kid and I will forget all my troubles and worries when I am there! I hope that one day I would be able to go to the Disneyland, Disney World and Six Flags Magic Mountain in the US!

What do the three words - strong, beautiful and woman - mean to you now?

WY: Strong – there is mental and emotional strength that are as, or more, important than physical strength. These are the things that are often overlooked as they are not as obvious as physical strength.

Beautiful – definitely not just physical. You can still look and feel beautiful without your hair, eyebrows, eyelash. The beauty that we portray outwards often comes from an inner sense of peace, confidence and knowing just how loved you are.

Woman – I think women are amazing! Society has high and sometimes unrealistic expectations of women. We are expected to be able to juggle work and home well, and still maintain our outward appearances. We should be less critical of ourselves and provide more support for each other!

Strength is cause for celebration, as is vulnerability. Let us in on some moments when you feel down, and your sources of comfort in times of need.

WY: Post recovery, there were many moments where I felt down because there were several things that I couldn’t do as well as I used to. I would get tired easily and probably had to space out my social engagements. Physically, I was also not as strong as I used to, especially on my left arm, and it affected the little things in life like lifting a wok when cooking, or carrying heavier grocery bags. God is my source of comfort and strength during trying times – reading the Bible, prayers and fellowship always makes me feel better. Being close to nature and hanging out with family and friends also helps!

Complete the sentence. Life is...


Photography: Nicole Ong (@knickieophotography) and Sharon Leisinger (@studioleisinger)
Hair & Make Up: ARLY
Lingerie: Alexis Longline Padded Bralette by Perk by Kate
Robe: Bells & Birds