Jolene Chui, 28, Investment Writer

I went on a crash diet at 16 and I lost weight to the point that everyone said I looked like a skeleton. I would eat very little – fruits in the morning and nothing till two spoonfuls of rice at night. In between I would exercise a lot, running and swimming every day. I felt chubby even though I wasn’t!

I would continue to go on and off a crash diet and this went on until I entered university. I would often feel very weak and I would feel faint just walking up the stairs, but I persisted because I was obsessed with getting to 42kg on the weighing scale.

I became active in dance and I started exercising, and now I want muscle tone and definition. I’ve learnt how to appreciate muscles and I feel healthier!

Through pole dancing, I’ve also met many confident women who have helped me on this journey.

Photography & Styling: Franz Navarrete, Timothy Chow, Coby Travis, Hosanna Swee.

Hair & Make Up: Airin Lee, Vicky Ang

Calligraphy: Trudy Zhang