Jen, the Body Artist

What would your completely honest personal profile say?

J: As much as I would like to appear cool, sociable and organized, I am actually this blur, awkward, messy, clumsy and daydreaming person who is always losing things. I am also a very sensitive and emotional person who enjoys insightful conversations and tends to have deep thoughts about the Universe and its possibilities and impermanence. At the same time however, I get easily distracted by other invading feelings, small voices in my head, iridescence, cats, or uselessly cute and colourful stuff which causes me to forget what my initial train of thought was and then get exasperated at myself after.

What is your most prized possession?

J: I would say my most prized possession would be my mind. Without my mind I wouldn't be able to do the creative work I do now, and giving me a lot of detail, insight and sensitivity to everything around me.

If you are not Jen the tattoo artist, who would you be?

J: I think I would be an alien cat, who probably has artistic swirls on her body, probably trips over herself a lot, sleeps a lot and I think I would only be interacting with cats and myself, talking to myself I guess.

What does your choice of lingerie say about you?

J: My guess as a tattoo artist is that I may look cool on the outside but I am actually quite feminine on the inside. This shows from my love for cats, nature and lace.