Some Updates

Some Updates

Product Improvements

In a blink of an eye, eight months have passed and we are in the last stretch of 2018. It has been a roller coaster ride so far.

Most of you would have realized that we included a segment on our site to allow you to schedule fitting sessions with us at our showroom. To our pleasant surprise, this turned out to be a hit! Over the past month, we played host to a steady stream of fitting sessions, giving us the opportunity to meet so many of you.

One feedback we constantly heard was that the Perk showroom didn’t have the vibe of a typical retail shop. Instead, it had the cozy look and feel of a friend’s living room and there was no real pressure to make a purchase. This struck a chord within and got us thinking.

Perhaps retail shouldn’t entirely be defined by cookie cutter malls packed with shops that look identical. Yet at the same time, perhaps retail shouldn’t transition entirely to the data driven and impersonal ways of ecommerce.

Perhaps there is room for ecommerce to flourish complemented by physical space lovingly built to serve as a spot for us to have a real relationship with you.

So here we are, officially on the lookout for physical space to place our showroom, hopefully somewhere relatively central, nestled in an interesting and vibrant neighbourhood. Somewhere we can host you in a cozy, intimate setting, have a conversation and understand your needs better. Somewhere we can hang out with you and chill. For our overseas customers in Asia, we are working on reaching out to you intimately too.

We never cease to be amazed by the insights that we can glean from our conversations with you. So keep them coming, we are listening.

Price Changes

We did a price adjustment on some of our styles. The new prices have been reflected on the site. We will continue to review our pricing approach and ensure you get the best comfort for your buck :)

Yuu Update

We are still here, quietly trudging in the background 😊 We are pretty much sold out for King sheets in Gentle Grey. King sheets in Evening Sand are almost all gone too.

Now that we have added bolster cases to our line-up, some new colours will be introduced to our collection soon. Going forward, we are looking to add two new colours periodically, say, every half yearly or so. If you have any colours in mind that you would really like to see, write to us and let us know.

Have a fabulous Sunday!



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