First up, I gotta apologise for this seemingly lack of updates on perk - it wasn't intended! We have been behind the scenes working on improving the business, focusing on merchandise, managing cash flows, and as a result, the marketing part of the business suffered. We are back, and we are back stronger, with a clearer idea of how we like to engage and connect with all of you. 

Today's post is about nursing bra alternatives for new mums. The wonderful thing about being such a small and intimate business is that many customers share their problems openly, and I in return, help them out by recommending solutions. Many have emailed me, telling me about how the bralettes we offer over here at perk are great alternatives as nursing bras, and urged me to write a blog post about this topic. I will go a little further in this post and touch on some common problems new mums face, and how they can seek solace in some of our lingerie solutions. :)

When you need to cater to your increasing bust size

The range of soft cup bralettes we carry are ideal for pregnant mamas looking for an alternative to an underwired bra. Designed to accommodate your increasing assets whilst remaining snug and easy to wear, you would be hooked the first time you try them on. 

When you need an alternative to nursing bras

Nursing bras usually come in out-of-this-world sizes (34C and beyond), and many a times these sizes do not even begin to fit petite ladies. They are also designed to be functional and practical - to last and be wearable for approximately one year - this is why the lack of aesthetic appeal is so obvious in most nursing bra designs. Lastly, one never can fully understand how a woman's body develops after giving birth, and a rigid structure such as a nursing bra may not necessarily fit how one develops - the bands may be too tight, the cups may be too big, the straps may be too taut - and this is where many customers are thankful they found our soft cup bras and bralettes. The basic structure of a bralette runs contrary to a nursing bra. Its key difference is that it has soft cups, which means it stretches and fits to the shape of your breasts, not the other way around. The fact that it is a soft cup also means that you can easily flip it downwards when feeding time comes around, without needing to fear that you might damage the bralette. Lastly, you can still feel confident in our bralettes, designed to be feminine whilst still remaining 100% functional. 

When you feel like you need a more functional underwear for extra protection

We understand that there are some inconveniences that come post pregnancy, like minor incontinence or heavy period flows. The two high-tech brands we carry on perk (with patented fabric no less) are meant to make your life comfortable.

To absorb moisture and unwanted odours caused by this humid weather, Knock Out! will keep you fresh and dry, with 100% Supima Cotton (the cashmere of cotton) and a patented lining combo. To ensure you stay leak-free during those dreaded heavy days, Dear Kate panties have magical leak-resistant properties, providing the extra insurance you need in those early days, or if you occasionally struggle with a bit of leakage after a giggle or a sneeze. 

I hope the above have helped you out in some ways. If you would like to arrange for a fitting session, feel free to email me at and we will be there with you!




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