Before I go into this post proper, I would like to introduce one of my virtual mentors, Seth Godin, to all of you. I would also like to clarify that this relationship is completely one-sided. I take in all the goodness, and give him nothing back in return. :p But maybe, that's the greatest gift of all, to know that his wisdom and words are impacting the way businesses and marketers work and think.

Back to the intent of this post. There are some days at the start of your business where you just feel discouraged, nothing seems to work, and you constantly push yourself to think of the "next big idea", only to feel unmotivated and uninspired, and at the end, all you get is no idea. (yes, I am feeling that right now. sigh.)

It hit me that if I were to tell Seth about my issues, he would tell me two things:

1) No business ride on an upward slope. You need to be able to ride on the waves, and expect troughs.

2) If you cannot put up with the troughs, then maybe, you're not cut out for business at all.

Somehow, that thought put me back on track, and instead of sulking in a corner, I went in search of some "small wins", things I can do that will value-add the business, yet do not require me to rack my brain juices over. I found some pictures of Rachel Berry wearing Eberjey (whee) and next, I embarked on this post.

My mood is lifted already. :)


Moral of the story: Stay positive, keep on moving, look for small wins. You may not realise how important it is, until very much later.




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