I believe it is all about the packaging when doing a business, more so when it is online retailing because it really lets your customers know what your website represents.  When it comes down to this detail, trust me, it is not an easy affair. 

I have to admit I did not think too much about packaging because I thought I could make do with my existing supplies of organic wrappers. However, when I had my first sale and I had to actually deliver the item, I could not make myself settle for a less than perfect wrapping. 

In the end, I went out searching high and low to look for what I had in mind. Aligned with Perk's branding, it had to be a white box, with pink ribbons, and pink tissue. For smaller deliveries, I could use a white gift envelope, pink tissue and a pink ribbon. And true enough, it was so hard finding something that was affordable.

Some pointers to take note of:

1) Branding is everything. Your packaging is your first impression! 

2) Take note of the box, the envelope, the tissue, the ribbons, the postage. These are all important costs to factor in your product pricing so they will not eat too much into your margins.

3) As much as possible, keep it simple. The more complicated it is, the harder it is to find. And when anything is customised, it is expensive and for startups, that is a cost we cannot afford. Sadly.

4) Of course, find a supplier. (And supplier finding deserves a post of its own because finding a good supplier is SO difficult.)

And I am close to finding my own packaging! Pictures coming up soon. :)




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