TanChen Studio

Wine Bag and Coasters


Accessorize your entrance look this very Christmas dinner party, specially put together for our The Kinship Christmas Table.

Gift ideas featured from left to right: 

1. Wine Bag

The 0/0 bag’s stripped-back design and elastic material means that it stretches to reveal and take on the object’s shape. While it was created specifically to hold large bottles, it can also be used to carry all kinds of things: fruits, beer cans, tumblers, and much more.

2. Coasters

Named after a few of the founders' favourite foods and ingredients to cook with, their coasters are lovingly hand dyed and handwoven. Each coaster is made using cotton warp and linen weft, with tassels on each side and a loop for hanging to store or dry. Available in sets of 4s and pairs of 2s. Perfect to mix and match.

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Orders from the Kinship Christmas Table are only available for pick-up in-store. 

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